Reception Service for Roots-seeking Tours:


Business Function:

Entrusted by Ministry of Civil Affairs, we are responsible for the organization, coordination and implementation of reception work of foreign adoptive families’ root-seeking tour.

1.  To assist foreign adoptive families to complete enrollment procedure of root-seeking tour. According to Notice of General Office of Civil Affairs Ministry about Doing Well Reception Work of Foreign Adopters’ and Adopted Children’s Root-seeking Tour in China, we accept foreign adoptive families’ applications about visiting welfare institutes, fill in the Application Form of  Adoptive Families’ Root-seeking Tour in China, and send it to provincial Civil Affairs Departments for examination and approval.

2.  To design root-seeking tour for foreign adoptive families. According to the demand and desire of adoptive families and the reality of welfare institutes, we carefully make the annual root-seeking plan and formulate root-seeking route.

3.  To arrange distinctive activities with root-seeking effect for foreign adoptive families. In Beijing, we arrange adoptive families to visit China Center for Adoption Affairs and Bridge of Love Adoption Services, and let them get to know Chinese adoption procedures involving foreign elements, and learn Chinese traditional culture; in the adoptive places, we organize adoptive families to visit the welfare institutes where the adopted children once lived in, and recollect the past memories to feel the care and kindness of the welfare institutes.

4.  To assign kind-hearted, experienced accompanying persons with social worker qualifications for adoptive families. During the period when the adoptive families come to China for root-seeking, the accompanying persons of Bridge of Love Adoption Services will provide passionate, thoughtful, safe and efficient service, and make the root-seeking tour become an unforgettable experience and also a heart travel full of love for the adoptive families


With the guidance of Ministry of Civil Affairs and support of China Center of Adoption Affairs, after the active effort of Bridge of Love Adoption Service, reception service for root-seeking tour is made to be a special brand. Through root-seeking tour, the adopted children deepen their understanding and comprehension of China, and it can promote the healthy growth of the adopted children. At the same time, adopted children from different countries get to know each other deeply and make friends in the activities. Up to now, Bridge of Love Adoption Service has carefully designed and arranged colorful root-seeking tours for many foreign adoptive families, involving 17 provinces and cities and over 150 welfare institutes in the whole country.


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